Warhammer Haiku

Today I wanted to do something different, and that is Haiku poetry.  I have always loved how imaginative people can get.So I decided to do some of my own.  I hope you all enjoy, and without further delay…

Conversation with a Witch Hunter.

Burn the heretic witch.

Bathe in purified flame.

Be cleansed in Sigmar’s name.

From Saphery I came

The Tower of Hoeth

Ceremonial Blade

I fight with speed and grace.

A Lust for Death

Her skin a soft pale white

Her lips red and supple

Her poison slow to work.

It cam from below

The Council of Thirteen

All except the Horned Rat

From the dark depths they came.

A Putrid Way of Life

Pestilence and famine

The plague spreads through the realm

None can escape their death.

A Hero for all

Valten, Sigmar reborn

Born in Reikland he was

He lead Dwarves, Elves, and Man








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