Wrath of Heroes returns

Yes…I know I have been away for a bit, but that is what happens when you have a job that takes up a lot of your time.  With that out of the way, let’s get down to WH:WoH.


Today is the magnificent return of some 6v6v6 greatness.  Players will once again be battling it out as they attempt to slaughter each other, and then subsequently talk smack as they win…or…or…OOOOOORRRRRRR…their computer/laptop happens to crash (everytime they are losing) right after they yell either “You premade fuckers have no Honor!” or “Fucking PUGs, learn to make a group ahead of time, that has one slot open for me to join, so I can get easy Wins!”.  After all it is only beta so to help make it through some of the basic issues that one will encounter, I have decided to make the following list to help you out.

1.  It is only Beta – If you run into issues…provide feedback.  Don’t immediately jump up and down about One career being OP, because you look like an idiot when that stacked group of BW’s you said was OP, gets slaughtered by a single player who changed to a Slayer, and wiped them out.  And then someone switched to the counter to the slayer and so on…

2.  If you think there is no strategy involved…then you are wrong – I had a good discussion with a friend who has played the Beta as well.  He said that he did not like it, because there was no strategy involved.  I asked if he was in a premade (wanted to confirm).  He said yes.  I told him “Gratz on a strategy being discovered, to use in WH:WoH”.  I know that it may sound really simple, but let’s look at this so we can atleast have everyone on the same page.


  1. A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.
  2. The art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle.

I think it is pretty reasonable to say that the Major or Overall aim = Winning (for most folks that is).  Now with that being said, most go along these lines. (Not in any specific order)

  • Form Premade
  • Select Group Make-up to execute a specific play style and or plan that will give the best chance for winning.
  • Utilize a 3rd party voice program so that communication within the team is fast and concise to allow for the team to react faster and function as a more cohesive team.
  • Delegate roles for team members, are they a runner, a CC junkie, a DPS machine, Healing, Support?
  • How will be calling targets, and who will everyone assist off of.

Those are just some off the top of my head, and yes folks will argue that everything I mentioned is standard in almost every type of Team killing sport and/or Brothel.  Well they may be standard, but if that was the case, then there would never be pugs, and folks would not use “there is no strategy” as a complaint.

3.  Everything has a counter to it. – One of my favorite moments, was being on vent with a group I joined up with a group.  A couple of the folks (bless their hearts) complained about how specifically  a full group of Shammies was unstoppable, and that Mythic had failed once again, with the whole balancing thing.  I politely informed the team that no one use AOE, and only utilize single target attacks and assist off of me.  I run in with my Vamp (Herpes galor) and I stagger the group, then I chose a target that we focused down, then another target that was focused down, then another target that was focused down.  It was a pretty easy slaughter of that which was dictated as unstoppable. (btw that was a strategy).  Don’t look at the Heroes as defined characters.  Look at them as different build of the same toon (your account).  Just as in many games, there are PvP builds and PvE build that players run depending on what they are doing at the moment.  With WH: WOH it is no different.  Yes I do love the individual parts of each Hero, but in the end they are all tools at my disposal.

4.  Sweet Genius – Seriously this show is fucking creepy as hell.  I am not joking, watch it and you will have nightmares.  They mixed Dr. Evil, with Lord V. from Harry Potter.

5.  It is only Beta. (Yes repeated) – Instead of wanting to prove how awesome you are, try to find bugs and issues with how each hero performs.  Does an ability need to change, how does a specific hero work when you are in a premade, compared to being in a pug.  These are some of the things one should look at when in the Beta.

So keep this in mind and branch out from what you would normally do.  Try new strategies, pug it, form a premade, try out each toon, and put the changes in the new build through the gauntlet.





  1. Games with the rock<paper<scissors design can be fun if teams are balanced and a majority of each team knows that's how the game is designed. Your comment about each character being like a different build/spec of your account/meta-character reminds me a lot of TF2:

    In Team Fortress 2 each class has a very specific role to play that can be decent vs. most other classes, or even devastating in the right hands to an unbalanced/uneducated team. But there will typically be at least one class that will counter another class' strengths to the point that even a relatively unskilled player can eliminate the more skilled player of the "<" class.

    So, Protip: play one of the classes that aren't being played by somebody else on your team. In TF2 I like to let most of my other team members pick their class then I just roll whatever class isn't being played by anyone else on my team. It keeps my skill-set broad, for better or worse; I'm not the best sniper in the world because I don't practice it constantly, but I know enough to roll a spy or maybe pyro if the other team has a sniper giving my people trouble (as opposed to trying to "out-sniper" that threat). Being able to switch roles and be decent at any of them keeps the game more interesting and keeps my enemies off-balance. Knowing what role might be the most useful makes me a welcomed asset to the teams I frequent.

    WH:WoH is looking more and more interesting, but I'm probably not going to find time for beta testing it. Right now I'm lucky to get an hour or two on any given night to blow people up on TF2, or maybe pay bills or read a book. My schedule and Mythic's aren't lining up on this WoH test thing. Hammer hard on it Mykiel, so that the release version is worth my limited time! 😉

    Good to see you posting bro'.

    • Thanks brother, would have had the video up today, but muted the audio while rendering. So fixed it and it is rendering now while I am at work.

  2. Everything you said about strategy is right, but actually it doesn’t feel like you are applying one when you play the game.

    WoH feels quiet shallow in a tactical sense… even though it might not be. The problem in your argumentation is that you’ll have to quote a definition of strategy.. it’s sort of nit-picking.

    WoH get’s the “sort-of”-label from me on many points.. there is a sort of strategy..it’s sort of fun etc.. this game doesn’t click for me because of this “felt” shallowness. I will try it more in the next beta events..but my experience didn’t change that much in the last ones that it’s more or less just mindless button-smashing and I’m fed up after a maximum of 2 scenarios and then I log out.

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