Wrath of Heroes: Zathis: Scion of Khaine (Assassin)

One of the new Heroes in the line up is Zathis:  Scion of Khaine.

The Dark Elf festival of Death Night is sacred to the Lord of Murder, Khaine.  From dusk until dawn Witch Elves flood the streets of the Dark Elf cities searching for fresh sacrifices.  Adults are mutilated and killed atop the Witch Elf altars.  Children are reserved for a different fate.  All male children stolen during the night are tossed into the Cauldron of Blood within the Temple of Khaine.  Those who survive are raised within the Temple as Assassins, adepts of Khaine.

Life within the Temple is, perhaps, more deadly than submersion within the Cauldron itself.  Those who fail to grasp the deadly interactions between poisonous herbs quickly succumb to their effects.  Unseen dangers can be found anywhere, planted by Master Assassins or fellow students intent on getting ‘ahead of the curve’.  Fortunately for Zathis, he possesses the ability to stay at least one step ahead of the other students.  His utter ruthlessness in dispatching the competition has given rise to rumors.  Rumors which no one can substantiate as no physical record of the victims remain.

Zathis excels at focusing on and cutting down individual foes.  He prefers to Ambush enemies from stealth, rooting a target in place while Flashing Blades decimate their health.

‘Death comes silently.’ — Zathis, Scion of Khaine

Zathis is fun to play, and once you get used to playing him, things get a lot easier as you learn when to use Ambush, Cloak of Shadows and Flashing Blades, whether it is all at once, or when they are off cool down.

His alternate appearance is quite pleasing in my opinion as it just looks cool.  I will admit, that at first I wasn’t sure if it was a guy or a girl, but after further review and verification through a friend, there are indeed berries with the twig.

(Mythic put this outfit in game for the Shaman)

Stick and move, hide and wait…with Zathis you have plenty of options at your disposal on how you want to play, but you will need your group to help assist, as you will want the enemy to be focusing on everyone else while you are able to pick and chose your victim.

One thing that you will have to watch out for when doing you assisting and killing, is another Zathis.  It works well if you are able to Stealth and Ambush on Zathis with Zathis when they are attacking your healer or back line Heroes.  It even helps if Zathis popped on Zathis, and you have to use your Zathis to Ambush the Zathis, that Ambushed the other Zathis that is on your team.  Watch out though for another Zathis might Ambush you as your Zathis is Ambushing the Zathis that just Ambushed the other Zathis on your team.

Zathis’s abilities are pretty straight forward.  I am not going into the specific details, but just wanted to give an overview

(From Left to Right)

Shadow Strike — Basic damaging attack.

Touch of Death — Stronger damaging attack, with increased damage when behind the target.

Ambush — Teleport and damaging attack.  If you use it while Cloak of Shadows is activated, it will also root the target.

Cloak of Shadows — Stealth (You move very slow)

Flashing Blades — Adds damage to attacks.

To give you an extra little taste of Zathis, I took him into the Arena (Pugging) to see all what he is capable.  It was a good fight, and a good learning experience on what to do and what not to do.  With that being said I will see everyone tomorrow during tomorrow’s testing.



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