My trip to Mythic

I wanted to take some time to reflect on my recent trip to Mythic, and go over some of the things that I experienced and how I felt/feel about them.

When we sat down with the Mythic folks, one of the questions we got asked was, “Name your favorite thing in WAR and the thing you hate the most in WAR within the past 6 months of the game?”

My answers were this…

I really liked the changes to the lower tiers, increase of RR that one can gain, the move of the armor sets to lower RR levels to help ease the transition in T4, and the fact that they did not adjust the Scenario weapons as well to trickle down into the lower tiers.

I do not like the abundance of renown tics for doing nothing at all, as it promotes people to sit on the side lines getting table scraps, and at the same time promotes players to not fight at all in most cases.  (as another person said)  Too much candy in the way of renown tics.

As for the other bloggers, you will have to check with  them for their answers.

The Q&A session as a whole was enjoyable, even when 2 of us bloggers where in a heated discussion, that involved yelling, which brought forth one person to comment…”Guys calm down…I hate it when mommy and daddy fight at the dinner table”.

Discussion, debates, and a few insults later, we were able to get back on track, at which one point I snaked someones Southwest Chicken wrap off their plate in front of them and started eating it.

As I sat enjoying my newly attained Southwest Chicken wrap, I heard something that made my ears perk up in interest.

One of the 1.44 changes mentioned about the Engineer and Magus was that they were looking at making  Flak Jacket/Daemonic Armor

  • Going instacast with a cooldown
  • No longer removing after 20 hits
  • Reduced armor buff value, but now stacks with other armor buffs.

Something small yet meaningful in my opinion.  Just as with Mythic looking at changing up VoN to where abilities currently tied to it via additions to those abilities when you pop it, this is another change for players to look at, discuss, and decide if they like it or not.  The only thing I ask of people is that they do so in a calm manner.  Now please keep in mind, I am not trying to hype anything up.  I am just trying to pass along information to folks.

As for my honest opinion on how I felt about the trip, well:

I liked it.

Now “Is it Safe?”

Well I won’t know that answer until we start to see some dev discussions, as well as get a chance to see things in action on the PTS.

See you in a couple of days for my next post where I interview 3 forum celebrities.

Once again have a smoke or drink, sit back, and relax.






  1. hrmm, the one thing that gets me wondering is.. “is it safe?”

    • Just my opinion…You should do another video.

  2. I’m not surprised to see you posting here Bulor, and we know it’s probably not safe for the two of us! Mykiel I’m amazed you’re still going buddy, hope you’re doing well and not drinking TOO much!

    • Drinking too much…I do not think I know the words, as I have not yet begun to defile myself.

      • You underrate yourself Myk.

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