My trip to Mythic

I wanted to take some time to reflect on my recent trip to Mythic, and go over some of the things that I experienced and how I felt/feel about them.

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What I miss

Gonna have to take this slowly, since I am doing this on my iPhone. One one the biggest draws for myself to the Warhammer Fantasy world was always the flavor text and fluff stories that could be found in the army books. Some of it pertained to those named characters and champions, while others brought forth those no name people and an experience seen through their eyes.

These stories truly brought the world and time to life, showing many different human struggles that the character in reference would sometime overcome, but most of the time bad things awaited as they are in a no win situation, ultimately loosing and having their soul ripped from the physical realm dragged screaming into the abyss by the clawed hands of creatures and beings that are beyond comprehension, to an eternity of nothingness.

This is something I miss, and think I would like to see stories and some flavor text from Mythic. I want to be able to look through their eyes and see the world as they see it.



Update from the Producer

As most know already, I once again made a trip up to Mythic with a couple of other bloggers that you know. It was interesting in some ways. Continue reading

Back to wordpress

This is just an update to everyone, I have had to move the blog back to it’s original home.  Issues have come up with my other site, and so I figured the best place to go would be back home to where I started.  With that being said look for some goodness tonight.

See you all in game