Change of pace

If you are not aware yet, I was recently offered the chance to become the Managing Editor for

I took the position.

Now I know when you look at the site, you will see that has not had the love and care it deserves. Yes things are outdated, but for someone like myself this is not an issue. It will take time and effort to get things up to a level that not only myself, but those within the Warhammer Online Community will be proud to be part of and visit regularly, and contribute to.

I also wanted to say that when making the changes, I am not looking to make another fansite. I am looking at creating a place that can help maintain our colorful community and builds upon it. Whether you are a scrub or leet…NA or EU…Fanboi or Hater or Troll, all will be welcome, for no matter how one looks at it we are all part of the same community.

As of tonight, I will be making the transition over to Stratics. Feel free to join me as we build upon our community.



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