Wrath of Heroes

Well the time has finally come for me to be able to speak about the Great, Glorious…Epic-ness of that which is Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes. Now I know some folks will be a bit excited about hearing this news, but hints have been out since my return from Mythic, people just fail to notice…


I know people enjoy the aspect of picking things apart and looking into things, but it seems as if this was completely overlooked. I also took the steps of creating my own Haiku poetry that was 6-6-6 instead of 5-7-5, which I had hoped folks would have picked apart…Well that didn’t pan out either.

I guess my point is…at first glance sometime things are not as they appear. So with the above out of the way, let us go over WH:WoH.


WH:WoH will be described in many different ways, but if I were to describe it in my own words…It is a crazy ass fun filled orgy gangbang of combat, bloodletting, and whore-mongering. The likes which this world has not seen since the days of Spinal Tap and them introducing us to “Turning it up to 11”. Right about now, you are probably thinking to yourself…”Has Mykiel finally flew off his rocker?”

No I have not.


WH:WoH is a 6v6v6 scenario based game that is set within the Warhammer Universe. You choose a premade hero that you and your group can mix and match. The selection is pretty sweet seeing that some of the heroes available make you feel like you are getting some of the fluff that one would commonly find in flavor text in army books from the table top game. Each has a specific set of abilities and type of combat that they excel at, which range from Healing, dps, and CC. Once you have your heroes selected…

You get sent to battle against 2 other groups of 6, as the three teams fight for control of specific objectives and straight up try to destroy your opponents at the same time, those with weak resolve will surely falter. This game is more Dynamic than you initially are led to believe. Most can run in with their premade in a normal 6v6 and walk away unscathed, but with WH:WoH, one cannot rest one single moment, for if you do, you will end up on the receiving end of a vampire’s lash, a troll’s claw, an assassin’s dagger. If you think you have it all figured out, then I will just leave out that once you die, you have the option of switching to a different hero. Yes if you or your group is blessed with Adonis like gaming skills(like I am), then you will be able to figure out what you need and when you need it to counter the enemy, ever changing and evolving in this grand melee of the gods. Your opponents running light on heals and dps, then you can sacrifice yourself, to change up parts of your group, to better treat your opponent to a live Broadway musical version of OZ…Highly addictive it is, when you just finished off a couple of devs, (not in a sexual way…well maybe if they are open minded).


Now let’s talk a little more serious for a second…The teams are separated into 3 colors. Blue (Skull,) Red (Crossbones), and Green (Eagle) that floats above their head in a pretty fashion to give you a clear visual if someone is on your team or not. This a very important item, since teams are not restricted by which heroes they choose to play…A team can be full of the same hero if one would like, but I wouldn’t suggest doing that unless you don’t care about the womenz and menz that only want to get it on with winners. Doing something like the above, will not make you a winner. By the way did I mention the menz and womenz are clean…yep no STD’s, only the best for winners.

The scenario I was able to take part in was Mourkain’s Temple, to give it a little rundown on them reworking the scenario and talking of happy trees, I give you the Art Team (Mythic’s Bob Ross).

(Will add link to post)

All in all I am pleased with this move by Mythic, as they bring us something exciting and kick ass.  Literally I was having withdraws from this game after being able to spend some time with it.  The sheer volume of fun and badassery that will give players a fun and exciting time, can only be equaled to a night of debauchery with a high priced hooker riding a Honey Badger.


I did get a chance to get a small interview with the Dev team on it:

Q.  What made you all decide to make Wrath of Heroes?

A.  We were looking at way to introduce WAR to a new market and do so in a way that embracing the emerging free-to-play demographics.  WAR has a hardcore audience and we want to continue to cater to them, but we also wanted a way to introduce more players to the franchise.  We figured the best way to do this was concentrate on an aspect of WAR that was a frenzied and finite, instanced scenarios, and make them infinitely fun and free.

Q.  How will Wrath of Heroes affect WAR?

A.  It will positively affect WAR.  It will give more people exposure to the Warhammer Online universe,  it will give Warhammer Online subscribers more benefits, and it will allow us to share things developed with WOH with WAR and vice versa.  It hasn’t taken any resources from WAR, but given us more to play with in the long run.

Q.  With Wrath of Heroes being 6v6v6, does this mean that we will be seeing a 3rd faction for WAR?

A.  No.  However, this game isn’t really about factions, it’s about teams.  There are three teams of heroes.  Heroes have been pulled from Warhammer Online from both Order and Destruction as well as some surprise heroes from IP as well as NPC factions.  It’s a plethora of potential pwning face.

Q.  How will 6v6v6 affect balance in scenarios?

A.  Three teams will bring a whole new dynamic to scenarios that will offer players shifting strategies.  One team dominating? Make a unspoken alliance with the third team to bring them down!  Just watch your back…

Q.  What kind of leveling system do you have in place for Wrath of Heroes?

A.  Unlike WAR, you don’t level your Heroes, instead your account levels based on your victories.  There are 40 levels of experience.  These bring perks to your account that allow you to slot tactics to modify the game play of any Hero you choose in battle. 

Q.  You recently said that you do not have the resources for WAR.  How did Wrath of Heroes come about with such short resources?

A.  I said we didn’t have the resources to do some of the large scale changes that were specifically asked of us (third realm, new classes/races, etc.).  We continue to have the same level of resources we’ve had for support of WAR, but they do preclude some major revisions that people would like to see.  That being said, the resources for WOH actually expand the team considerably and that is why we synergy between them (some of these are mentioned in my producer letter).

Q.  Do I get any benefits in Wrath of Heroes for being a subscriber to WAR?

A.  You will.  We have to dot the I’s and cross the t’s for this before we can announce the details, but rest assured it will be beneficial to being a subscriber above and beyond continuing to be able to experience industry leading RVR and PVP. J

Q.  Does Wrath of Heroes affect my status in WAR, and vice versa?

A.  No.  There is no direct relation between them.  You’ll see some promotion between them and we may have some interesting things come up in the future, but there is no direct correlation.

Q.  Will people be able to make Premades. and will there be pug’s vs premades in it?

A.  There will be the ability to group.  There will be the abililty to join solo with others.  They will be able to fight each other.  Matchmaking will push groups and PUGs of comparable skill together. 

Q.  Will there be a ranking system so we can look and see how our group compares to others?

A.  The stats will be personal to start with.

Q.  Do you think that being able to combine specific races (that generally hate each other) on the same team could go against Lore?

A.  These are Hero battles.  Teams of heroes pulled from across the Lore to battle.  They are skirmishes where anyone can be pitted against anyone.

Q.  When one dies you are able to change to a different champion, what made you decide to go this route?  to me it seems as if it adds a layer of adaptation to the fight.

A.  It adds strategy to the fight.  It gives you reason to adapt, change, and move.  It makes you think about how to approach a group.  It means you aren’t stuck if you don’t have a certain type of class or feel you need to counter someone’s choices.  It means you can choose your fun.

Q.  Can you give us a preview of some of the Champions we are able to choose from?

A.  The initial batch is still being decided, but we’ve had a number of awesome careers make it through testing, including some you’ve never seen playable in WAR.  (Need to see what we can give artwise to back this up.)

The site is up today at wrathofheroes.com and Beta sign up is available as well.  So get off your ass and sign up.

Also with this announcement comes the fanforums dedicated to Wrath of Heroes, as well as part Age of Reckoning.  These forums are there for players to gather who are interested in WoH as well as gaining information on WAR without all of the issues that one would experience on normal forums.  If you are interested in being a mod for these Forums, hit me up.  (Technical Difficulties with it at the moment)

Stay tuned, as I will add more when I get home from work today.





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