How Pimp Is My Ride?

Greetings to all those who enjoy a good mount.

Today I wanted to talk about a subject that is very near and dear to everyone hearts, while at the same time it plays such an important role in game, that I felt a need to talk about it.  Our trusty companions in battle that make travel interesting and in some cases, makes us look pretty cool when charging into battle or running down the enemy that is fleeing in hopes of escape.

I wan to start off with the Starter Mount.  Although it runs 8.99 on the Origin Store, I find this mount fun to use, especially when rolling a fresh alt.  With a movement speed of 25% and 100% dismount chance, it isn’t much to look at stat wise.  Regardless of what the stats are, when you are in Tier 1 and part of Tier 2 you have a mount, and if you are like me and do not like spending gold, then this is a viable option until you hit level 20.


Now at level 20 you have one of two options.  The first option is for a smooth 15 gold and a 50% movement speed with a 75% chance for dismount.  It is not much to brag about, in the end you get a mount that can hold you off until later on in your Warhammer Online career.   This mount was a staple for many players throughout their time in Warhammer Online, and is still very useful.

The second option is the Trusty Mount and I do have to say that coming in at 60% movement speed with a 55% chance for dismount, the 9.99 is something players might really want to consider.  Some will be put off at paying for this mount, but if you look at the benefits you get from it…one can come away with many advantages as they level up through Tier 2 and Tier 3.  At first glance a 10% increase does not seem like much, but that also comes with a lesser chance for dismount, which means you have a better chance of catching most players or being able to outrun them.  It also looks better than what you can get for 15 gold.  Here they are side by side, 15 gold is first and 9.99 second.

Now we move on to the next level of mount.  With the purchase of the Personality Pack for 9.99 you get the ability to have the mount with 70% movement speed increase with a 45% chance for dismount, but with the small requirement of Renown Rank 60.  This mount can really last you for the rest of you days in Warhammer Online if you chose to go that route.  Not much else can be said about this mount other than it works, and is one of the most common mounts in Tier 4.

Next I move to the Gryphon (Manticore for Destruction) Mount that actually shares the exact same stats as the Personality Pack mount minus the Renown Rank requirement.  These mounts were once the bane of RvR, as they were the fastest, and still the biggest mounts in game.  If you do have one of these mounts, they really are a sight to see.

Finally we come to the end of the journey.  Up next we have something nice, effective, and fast.  For the small price of 30 Royal Crests, you get a 75% movement speed with a 45% chance for dismount.  The only down side is the Renown Rank requirement of 75 and the fact that it lasts only 30 days.  A speed increase is a speed increase, and whether you are in RvR, Scenarios, or a City Siege, this mount gets you to where you want or need to be faster than the enemy.  This is my mount of choice, and it has saved me many times in the lakes.  They also just look better.

(I did not include every type of mount that players can get in game…I know that)

No matter how you look at it, mounts are part of the game.  They get us across the zone, to a BO, away or even towards the enemy.  There are many options that players can take a look at and use either in game gold or real life cash to make sure that they have the best possible mount available when they need it.





  1. PRO TIP: Takes screenshots in daylight 😛


    • If I did that, then then 75% mount wouldn’t look as good in comparison.

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