Update from the Producer

As most know already, I once again made a trip up to Mythic with a couple of other bloggers that you know. It was interesting in some ways.

The Mythic Team was pretty cool to hang with, and at the same time there were others like the Engineers, UO, or DAoC teams, that were not available to be in the photo as they were working on other tasks.

As for the patch cycles of 1.44 and 1.45, well those were both interesting topics. For example.

Patch 1.44 is supposed to address some of the careers: Magus, Engineer, and Shadow Warrior. I may be wrong as I did not get the feeling that enough changes would be made to be considered a complete Career overhaul, but enough design discussion changes were mentioned to make me think that their would be some interesting changes made in some aspects of these careers (Some will get a bit more attention than others), that may make players want to hit the PTS and run the changes through the gauntlett.

For example, one specific change being looked at for the Shadow Warrior is the changing of VoN and the reliance of abilities having secondary effects associated with VoN. I don’t want to say use your imagination, but I do feel that people will be interested by the changes.

Patch 1.45 has talk of Forts possibly making a return. I say possibly because it is months away and anything can change. Now as for tidbits about Forts, well that is a whole different bag of worms. Discussion on best ways to implement their return as well as how they function as a whole in game was interesting.  Some of the items brought up were ideas surrounding the Relic system from DAoC, the Campaign, and the possibility of guild banners being put to use. This is something that the players can chew on, and discuss hopefully in civil way.

As for GoE, yes GoE did come up in our conversations, and one thing that I thought was interesting was the talk of having a scenario being it’s normal setup during the week, but for the weekend (to periodically replace Weekend Warfronts) a scenario can be switched to be a 6v6 scenario. This in my opinion is a good move, as players will be able to see how specific scenarios can work in a 6v6 setup, and this can help both players and the WAR devs narrow down the best scenarios to run as 6v6. Notice I said possibly, I did not say guaranteed.

As for the Campaign, well they are actively looking at player feedback, and working on specific changes to the campaign to address some complaints and issues with the current setup and how the campaign flows. I do not have anymore specifics on it other than that.

I hope this is considered some good information by the players, and make sure that you check out the other blogger sites as well.

Remember…Sit back…relax…discuss.





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  2. So there are no plans to re-balance RvR and PvE bringing it back to an equal level? Because currently PvE for T2-T4 is dead as dead can go. No new dungeons too?
    Who needs Forts when the game-levels and game-areas with item rewards are still off-balance to each other…?

    It is nice to know they try to polish SW a bit, but how about Assault? There is no good armor for Assault Style past Invader gear…, so from lvl70 on Assault is underperforming because of missing melee reach (I remember someone at the forums mentioning that before, that Assault needs +10feet to melee to perform reasonably).

    Seeing how it is, the guys at Mythic only seem to be good at removing stuff from the game. That won’t do it, I am afraid.

    So all in all, nice post, and very nice picture of a lot of lovely people, but nothing substantial and important to the game.

    • Well I did mention “one specific change being looked at for the Shadow Warrior is the changing of VoN and the reliance of abilities having secondary effects associated with VoN”

      That alone is a discussion topic by itself.

      As for PvE, there are some people that enjoy that part of a game, others do not, and in my humble opinion resources should be dedicated to RvR and Player on Player fights.

      As for Gear, Worn Sov, mixed with cheap LotD Cape and accessory, mixed with new accessory set make a pretty good combination.

      As for RvR fix, they are working on the campaign as well as forts. What the end product is going to be, I do not know.



      • As for Gear, I am playing Assault SW for two years now, and can safely tell you there is no fitting gear combo for that style in the game past Invader. You don’t play that style, so you have no idea about it, of course. Otherwise you would have understood my mentioning the necessity of the +10feet range for melee.
        Changing VoN is unimportant to Assault (also to Skirmish, to some extent).

        As for PvE, I see you have not understood that a player with lvl32rr70 is a reality nowadays, and when this player comes to T4 like that, he is missing 8levels for that Tier. That alone is so blatantly obvious as being wrong as wrong can be.
        So to say, they should remove Level all together then, if PvE is no longer necessary, level are neither, in a pure PvP game RR are then the only thing that matters.
        Scrapping all the PvE areas should improve in-game performance too. No, I am not sarcastic. If they do things this way, they should see it through.
        Making Warhammer SC-only sounds like a thing to have too, that way the game could focus on 6vs6 entirely, and we only queue from that, and the lakes are SC based.

        But as for the RvR campaign, it basically will remain Waithammer, as I understand your comment? What a shame, really.


  3. There are 21 people in that picture you posted. That’s about what I figured it’d be. Glad I moved on after 1.4 and the holidays, because no premium mmo title that charges a sub should have so small a group of people working on it. Period. Not if they desire to satisfy fans/customers.

    • That is by no means everyone… but you are free to make assumptions.

  4. …“one specific change being looked at for the Shadow Warrior is the changing of VoN and the reliance of abilities having secondary effects associated with VoN”

    It’s hard to imagine that they are introducing a mechanic revamp for VoN. Sounds like a CD decrease to me… but if they are dissociating VoN from the secondary effects, how will the duality of some abilities be handled? New abilities? New tactics ???? …at the risk of sounding melodramatic, I don’t think my account will survive the addition of yet another tactic …

  5. if 6vs 6 talked about was pugs vs premade mentioned?

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  7. Get back on the game, Dem will be back Monday

    • I am still handling a couple if things. I was going to play tonight, but the weather here has been pretty bad, even got a power surge that burned up my laptop

  8. Ultimately, were you impressed with the work being done and do you personally as a player, approve of the developer’s priorities for the game?

    • I will have to answer this in a blog post.

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